my ultimate book

As described here

Genre: Any and all, but I’d like to incorporate aspects of action, psychological thrillers, romance, mystery (but not the cookie cutter police or kidnapping kind)

I don’t like medieval, historical, or sci-fi (space) novels, but there are some exceptions

Inspiration: Books with different storylines that relate thematically (David Mitchell’s works) or have converging storylines where some of the characters interact with one another (A Song of Ice and Fire series)

Simple storylines but with a complex structural twist (Memento)

Feelings: Angst. Humour.

Context: Everyday people or even heroes/villains that aren’t 2D. Family and lover relationships interest me. It’s easier for me to write about the present but I’d like to write about a fantasy world. I have doubts that I could pull that off- I’m not that imaginative and I may unconsciously draw from other works.

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