In the flesh

Much of our communication and exposure to “celebrities” occurs through a digital media, whether it be a film, TV show, or Youtube video. It may not be a bad thing, but it certainly puts an unnecessary filter between people, further highlighting the status of a celebrity.

Recently, I went to go see a school play after 3 years of abstinence. It was refreshing to have that kind of human contact- not a conversation, but one of simply watching others interact.

For actors, plays and musicals may be more challenging than filming as there is no room for “takes”. But the real life media brings an indescribable aspect that digital form cannot.

So the next time you suggest seeing a movie rather than a play on the basis of ticket prices, think again. How do you want to feel after experiencing art? Satisfied? Or fulfilled?

No reference intended towards the TV show. Featured image from Next to Normal (from Elizabeth Maupin’s site), which is a musical worth checking out!


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