prompt- think again

Moving out. You think it’ll be great- not being bothered by your parents, that is. It’ll be exciting living elsewhere. Maybe your roommates will become your friends in the future. But reality hit me hard last year. I was bogged down with work and couldn’t visit home often. I wasn’t the type to call either. So it was in those hectic months that I began to appreciate my family and my home. Who else would cook for you and pamper you? Your family home might not be a dream house but at least you didn’t have a landlord who didn’t care. And you might be alone during the day, but at night, the whole family would be there. Nothing to fear.


On the flip side, I once had a teacher with horror stories circulating about them. You know, that everyone failed in their class, etc. After the first week of class, I didn’t think they were that bad. Months in, I realized that there was some merit to the stories. My grades were fine going into the final. But coming out of it? Decimated.



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