Guardians of the Galaxy

Saw it with some friends yesterday and loved it! The trailer gave a great preview of the actual movie. My two favourite components were the soundtrack and humour.

My favourite song from the soundtrack, I’m not in love (10cc)

The humour, well, you’ll just have to see it to experience it for yourself. Not that other movies are always 100% serious, but Guardians had a great blend of humour with its pretty serious plot. I mean, [MILD SPOILER] the destruction of an entire world? That’s definitely serious.

And, the characters. A ragtag crew but each with their own redeemable trait, sad backstory, and hilarious lines. “I am Groot” is already heading towards “Hodor” territory.

As much as I loved this movie, it wasn’t perfect. What world would we live in without a comic book movie having misogynistic undertones? (See: Peter Quill’s womanizing tendencies) But I’m not here to argue. It’s a stereotype ingrained in society, and likely won’t change any time soon.

To escape the downward turn this post is taking, shout out to Nicole Perlman for her excellent work on this script!

I’ll end by describing what the end of the film (ignoring the post-credits end scene) inspired in me. As always, I wanted to delve into the canon of Marvel comics, although I doubt I would ever have the dedication to untangle the multitude of storylines. But the end of the film also highlighted the importance of relationships. Friendships. Family. Don’t let your own goals disconnect you from others. Use your goals as a path to meet new people and make new friends.

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