Webster’s Falls/Dundas Peak

Aug 4 2014 (Civic Holiday)

Took my parents to Webster’s Falls as I thought it would be nice to hike again, given our trip to Niagra Falls. Pictures aren’t the greatest as I’ve been here before and wasn’t particularly motivated to recapture the scene.

I still don’t know if the waterfall I saw was Tew’s Falls or another. A simple google search revealed that gorge likely refers to the body of water the bottom of the waterfall leads to.

We hiked for ~30-40 min to Dundas Peak. It was an extremely hot day though and it was lucky that most of the trail was shaded by trees. The Peak had great wind coverage although this brought up the sand. We ventured forward in the hopes of finding another waterfall, but met a couple coming up and they saved us from descending (and having to reascend) a steep flight of stairs to the city.

A productive hike, yet no new sights for me. I’ll try heading towards Spencer’s Gorge next time.


One thought on “Webster’s Falls/Dundas Peak

  1. These photographs are splendid to me nonetheless! Loving the higher altitude angles on the bottom left two (2nd and 3rd from last). The last one is also quite calming… I really want to go hiking or explore nature sometime ;_;

    PS, guess who, found your blog in your twitter header and it’s so cool! I hope I don’t make you nervous by announcing my presence or anything haha… I’m so motivated to take up WP/real blogging now


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