Musings: reading

What happened to the days in my childhood where I could spend hours reading without distractions, interruptions, or losing focus? Why do I find it so hard to read physical books now, all the while resisting the urge to count how many pages are left? How is it I can stare at the computer screen for hours on end but have so much trouble finding time to read a book?

I’m not sure if the answer is adulthood, the addiction of computers, or a mixture of both, but it makes me sad. Part of the problem could also be me forcing myself to read things I don’t want to. I brought Steppenwolf down to read but do I really want to read it? No- I bought it at a used bookstore on impulse so I could read it and seem more “worldly” because I read another of Hesse’s works.

It’s a pre-emptive New Years resolution; Stop buying books that I don’t really want to to read, Unplug myself from the computer and dedicate hours to reading books that I am interested in, and try to get my entire backlog finished.


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