Brookfield place/ Bathurst st bridge/ Polson pier

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Had a great day yesterday taking pictures around the city. I started off around Bay street- I wanted to see the “exhibition” in Brookfield place. The statues weren’t as complex/ intricate as I thought it would be, but I enjoyed taking in the architecture of the building.

Next, I tried to find the streetcar to take me to Bathurst, but was walking along the wrong street for a good 30 minutes. Eventually, I stepped inside a building and when no viable wifi was present, used my data to google maps. NTS: Loading one page takes much less data than I think it would. Found the streetcar stop (and saw gas coming out of a sewer) and got to the bridge.

The bridge has sidewalks on both sides and they were quite wide. There’s also a sturdy black railing to prevent people from falling over. The bridge itself wasn’t that impressive to me. I had imagined the height to be much higher than it actually was. Nevertheless, got some great shots of the city and the train tracks.

Spotted another bridge in the distance so I headed there to get some more shots. Took a streetcar back to Bay, got lost in Scotia Plaza for a while, and finally headed out to Polson Pier. The bus was packed at one point for everyone travelling to the Christmas Market at the Distillery. I also passed by the St.Lawrence Market on the bus ride- it’s essentially a building/plaza.

Polson Pier was surprisingly empty, save for the wedding or family taking group photos there. My battery was giving me a warning signal at that point, but luckily it held on for quite a while. There was also a T&T nearby so I ate dinner there.


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