Vancouver: Day 1 (Dec 31)

Pictures will be on my flickr some time………later.

Couldn’t sleep at all the day before. I’m beginning to think it’s the tea.

Anyways, got up at 7:20, got to Pearson at 9 AM. Check in is completely electronic now, with the exception of the bag drop. Tripod made it through as did the bag of instant noodles. Guess they’re not so stringent on carry-ons. NTS: Tripod+camera bag was REALLY HEAVY and tiresome. Got hot water from a restaurant and ate instant noodles.

Didn’t do much on the flight. Tried to sleep with a minor success in the middle (only for 30 min though). They had free drinks (2 rounds) but you had to pay for food if you wanted any. Luckily, I snuck in croissants, onigiri, and a clementine and I could pace my hunger that way. Movie selection wasn’t bad… but they were all the YA based ones. Ie. Maze Runner, divergent, if I stay, the giver; so I didn’t really want to watch any of them since I had read them all before. GoTG was also there. At the last leg of the flight, ended up watching scenes from divergent and if I stay. Saw glimpses of mountains from the window, which was pretty exciting.

Didn’t have to wait too long to get my bag- I keep comparing this to my flights to China. I wasted a lot of time and energy by first going up to the train station, then going back down to 7-11 to buy tickets, then back up again. What’s even worse was walking to my hotel afterwards. My arms are definitely going to be really sore tomorrow. A man offered to help me halfway through but I said that my hotel was close anyways. it… wasn’t that close.. oh well.

Went to T&T to get something to eat and breakfast. The size of the store is the same, or maybe a little bigger than mine at home. They had a bigger cosmetics section though and I think they have more products from Asia. (I saw orange something flavoured kitkat) Bakery section looks really good (better) but hot foods was a little disappointing.. They had less options and didn’t even have many vegetables mixed in. Mostly meats. A large dim sum counter beside it though, although I don’t eat much of that.

Eating section is a little small. I think the Promenade store might be one of the first to be renovated (it has a nice design in terms of branding, etc.)

Went back to hotel to regroup, then set off to take pictures! Ended up going to Robson square, robson street, canada place, olympic cauldron, science world. Pretty productive. 🙂

As I was heading to my hotel, saw a domestic dispute (boyfriend/girlfriend) on the subway. They held up the train for a long time since she was trying to get in the train, but he kept following her when she didn’t want that. He was getting pretty physical with her (ie. I didn’t see anything since I was walking past them, but it seems like he grabbed onto her/ pulled her out of the train at one point) When I turned back, he was being thrown out of the train by other men on the train. So I’m assuming the girl got on and bystanders tried to help keep him off of the train. Not sure what happened in the end…….

Random thoughts:

Fargo is right under Winnipeg! (and brainerd is actually fairly far from fargo)

The $5 add fare from yvr airport is only if you buy a single ticket at the machine, not if you use pre-purchased tickets.

A lot of parallels between Vancouver and Toronto. Robson St= Bay St (swanky shops). Waterfront station= Union station.

The Vancouver transit system has both pros and cons compared to Toronto’s. Pros: connects directly to airport, has signal underground, many stations are aboveground providing great views. Cons: Why name it expo and millenium line when they’re the same thing (why not east/westbound?) Only 4 cars for a train- but I haven’t gotten on at rush hour yet so I don’t know if vancouver really needs more cars. Today my fare was basically free but I’m not sure how to get on the train tomorrow… all I saw were compass entrances today even though there are signs saying that Compass isn’t ready YET.


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