Vancouver -Day 2/3

Yesterday is already a murky mess in my mind.

Started off with some errands- headed to T&T. After lunch, went to Stanley Park. Made the mistake of going all the way inside first via bus. Eventually walked out to get a bike rental (Spokes, although I later saw the many other bike rental places right beside it). I really liked the bike they gave me- really easy ride and the seat was nice to sit on. It was different compared to my mountain? bike. Rode around along the seawall. It’s a bit unfortunate that you can only go in one direction though. Wanted to go to Beaver Lake / Lost lagoon but couldn’t really find a way to them.. so I’ll save those for next time.

There was still some places with ice/snow. It also felt noticeably cooler when I was riding next to a cliff face. Stumbled upon the Polar Bear dip as I finished my ride around the park. Had to walk all the way back along Denman street which was completely packed (probably as a side result of the Polar bear dip). Lots of good restaurants along there- even spotted lineups for some of them.

Headed back but the 19 detoured because of an accident?? or road closure on Pender. I ended up walking from Robson.. which started to wear out my feet.

Met up with a classmate for dinner, but wasn’t much of a dinner.. The places I picked out were closed (yes, it’s New Years but I thought the restaurant would be big enough to be open.. apparently not so). We headed into Chinatown at first, but it was really sketchy.. (Pender and the next street) so we decided to go to Robson. Unfortunately… I should’ve known that Robson is mostly shops rather than restaurants so we had to walk quite a while before seeing a real restaurant. Ended up at a Korean store which was incredibly busy so the food took an extremely long time to be served. We talked through most of the wait, but I was really hungry (and will probably never choose to eat out on New Years again). Got off at the wrong stop on the way back so my long day of walking became even longer.

I was really tired at the end of the day. Ended up going to bed at 9:50, as the crowds were still leaving Rogers Arena for the Canucks game.

Day 3

Fairly relaxed compared to yesterday.

Checked out of the hotel, but left luggage in storage room. Explored the mall at international village- has Yokoyaya and a game store- one stop shop. Prices were a bit high for OSS though… or it seems like it to me. I might compare with snakes (although I doubt I’ll get anything). I did see some tables there, but their website doesn’t seem to indicate that you can sit down and play games.

Ate pho at the store across from T&T. It was good, but beef was a bit too rare for me (had to soak in soup for a long time) and price was high (8.5 or so).

Taxi ride was pretty tumultuous. The driver kept trying to input the address on the GPS while driving… which made me really worried for my safety. He almost crashed into 2 other cars in a residential area, but stopped just in time. Well, I made it to Pitt Meadows safely in the end and it was cheaper than expected (80), Landlord drove me around the neighbourhood and pointed out shopping areas/ workplace and I was able to get a huge grocery haul at the same time. Loblaws was amazingly busy.. maybe because everyone was running low after New Years yesterday.

Unloaded everything. Will head out on foot tomorrow to explore the same shopping areas I saw today. Hopefully it’s not rainy…


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