weekends 1&2

The only thing you need to know about last weekend was that we walked around a lot  in Vancouver. It is actually possible to walk from Nelson st to Waterfront, which is basically what we did. Your feet will be really sore afterwards though. The UBC trails in the forest were also really nice and we bumped into a lot of dogs (and their owners). It’s too bad that the weather was still quite dark/cloudy.


This weekend I stayed here since 1) There wasn’t a special event I wanted to go to in Vancouver and 2) I was simply exhausted after the long and busy work week.

Sat: Hit up Pitt River via bus. It’s now been the second time that the westbound bus (on Sat morning) has covered up the fare payment box…. I wonder if that’s a “thing” here or if I just got lucky twice (unlikely). Eastbound buses unfortunately are still operating regularly.

There’s no way to get there by walking. It’s quite a long stretch of the highway and the bus stops only at the one area. Also, there’s no sidewalk to walk on. Initially walked along the trans canada trail and under the bridge, but you can easily tell that if you walk along there you won’t be able to see the river. After a faraway encounter with a coyote (I think), I went up on the bridge. Definitely has the best/only view of the river and managed to get a few good shots out of it. Really windy though- really, really windy. I had my hood on and almost had it blown off several times. The bridge is pretty secure but sometimes wobbles if a large truck whizzes by. I wasn’t afraid of falling since the whole bridge would have to fall for me to also fall. NTS: Never bring a tripod there. It would be a waste of time and effort since the bridge has minuscule shakes all the time due to the traffic and wind.

Hit up the grocery store after and had a hard time carrying everything home as always.

Sun: It was raining when I headed out but halfway through, I saw the approaching blue sky. Untitled-1I basically walked down Bonson Road- was heading for Fraser River/ a peek of Golden Ears Bridge. Passed by the park (not very impressive, but would be good for tobogganing) and the larger soccer field. Did end up seeing the river and I wanted to head right (on the map) to get a better view of the bridge but I would have to pass through the Katzie First Nations area/settlement? and I didn’t want to intrude. There was a road (I think it’s River Road on google maps) but it was more of a driving road and didn’t have a sidewalk so I decided not to head that way.

I did see the end of Shoreline Park, circled in green, which definitely had a trail. May head that way next time.

Went back up and detoured through the walking path along Airport Way. It lead me to …nowhere… although I did see the roundabout (but had no way of walking on there).

Had to head back up along Bonson.  Decided to explore the second trail along Hammond Rd which indicated that it would go to Golden Ears Bridge but that was a lie as well.

Retraced my route and finally went to Loblaws, but I know now that the best/only vantage point of Golden Ears bridge is along Golden Ears way.

It’s days like these that I really wish I had a bike. Would’ve made my diversions and explorations much faster and easier to travel.


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