update pt 2


  • meetupGolden Ears Park on the viewpoint trail. It was considered “easy” so I thought that that meant no hills whatsoever. I was wrong. It was a rainy day and only 3 of us, although we passed people along the way. There was definitely an incline (~200 m total?) and a number of switchbacks. Passed by a creek on the 60-70% mark which was quite nice. Not much of a view at the end, unfortunately, due to the rain and fog, but was definitely worth it.
  • view at the end of viewpoint trail
  • Cherry blossom walks, kite flying at vanier park, sakura illumination at charleson park (only seemed to be one performance however)
  • Lynn Valley photowalk, also came back via lonsdale quay, seabus
  • Harrison lake photo meetup. BEAUTIFUL there. (even driving through mission/hope) tried to go see tulip fields but didn’t exactly work out. stanley park is a pretty good replacement though
  • spinoff: Belcarra park, admirality point/maple beach for sunset pictures. first time walking back using a flashlight! saw a deer and bald eagle..and…. faint outline of a seal. only got pictures of the deer though


  • Teacup trail hike+seven sisters – fairly fun, I’m just happy I managed to keep up. Forgot my wallet that day though… ): second time I did that
  • Deer lake and burnaby lake- a disappointment to me.
  • QE park- the hill. I suffered. Also went to van dusen that day since it was free (plant sale) I liked the maze there the best haha
  • parents visited: sea to sky, lots of chinese restaurants, richmond, pitt lake, capilano suspension bridge park. I thought capilano was way too overpriced.. but I did enjoy seeing the birds there. Also saw more owls+hawk at whistler.
  • Waterfall+sunset photo trip- a very long day. But worthwhile, as always
  • Mount Baker – so glad i got the opportunity to go there. Had a lot of fun with night photography- I finally discovered how to properly use bulb mode (just use it with my remote and I can go past 30 seconds) Saw Venus (super bright), Jupiter (close by), Mars (red, flickering) and the big dipper! I really wish I got a photo of the big dipper but it was right overhead and I didn’t know how to set up my tripod to capture that at the time. Also my cell phone can’t handle night photography..         Interesting animals seen: mountain goat, albeit very very far away. can’t see with the naked eye but other people’s telephotos were able to capture it. there was a man with an 1000mm lens and that still didn’t fully capture it lol. Marmot! very cute if you disregard it’s teeth (curved, over/underbite and was yellow/stained with some red) also had a very highpitched, loud whistle that I thought was a dog whistle or something else at first
  • Jazz festival+car free day+ dragon boat races at False creek. Definitely enjoyed being downtown that day. Also got bubble tea at Chatime (no sugar is definitely the way to go) Heard lots of great music-I really liked the horn ensemble at jazz fest and the latin music at the false creek park. Discovered by walking down Robson that Robson (mostly the west end area) definitely has the best restaurants. (I guess broadway is a close second but broadway is so much longer than robson is)

Definitely feel well-traveled at this point.


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